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Updated: Feb 15

IKIGAI Preschool, we nurture young minds with love, care, and holistic education. Our focus on purpose, joy, and curiosity lays the foundation for lifelong learning and growth. With dedicated educators and a nurturing environment, we empower children and families alike.

Case study: 04

"Through our creative expertise and dedication to quality, we endeavored to deliver a comprehensive suite of branding solutions that not only establish IKIGAI Preschool's presence but also reflect their commitment to nurturing young minds and shaping the future generation."

Client Requirements:

IKIGAI, an upcoming preschool, aspired to establish a distinctive brand identity that reflects their values and ethos. They aimed to carve a strong presence within the education industry, starting with the development of a compelling logo and essential branding collaterals.

Our Objectives:

Our objective at was to translate IKIGAI Preschool's vision into a visual identity that resonates with parents, educators, and the community. We aimed to create branding materials that convey the essence of warmth, creativity, and excellence, positioning IKIGAI as a leader in early childhood education.


- Logo Design

- Branding Collaterals

- Visiting Cards

- Essential Branding Materials

Our Works:

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