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People Media Factory

Updated: Feb 20

PMF Entertainment, we craft unforgettable entertainment experiences worldwide. From star-studded concerts to immersive events, we bring dreams to life on stage. With a passion for creativity and commitment to excellence, we deliver unparalleled entertainment that leaves a lasting impression.

Case Study: 09

"Through our expertise in digital marketing and event management, we endeavored to amplify the reach and impact of Capracio USA 2024, ensuring a sold-out tour and an unforgettable experience for fans across the nation."

Client Requirements:

PMF Entertainment, a premier entertainment event company renowned for managing concerts featuring celebrity singers and bands, sought to spearhead the complete digital marketing campaign for Capracio USA 2024. The tour, spanning 13 cities, required custom posters for each location and an aggressive social media strategy leveraging creative reels and performance marketing to boost ticket sales and visibility.

Our Objectives:

Our objective was to execute a comprehensive digital marketing campaign for Capracio USA 2024, leveraging tailored strategies to drive ticket sales and raise awareness about the tour. We aimed to create visually stunning band posters and captivating reels that resonate with the audience, while implementing performance marketing tactics to maximize visibility and engagement.


-Custom Band Posters for 13 Cities

-Creative Reels for Social Media

-Tailored Ads and Performance Marketing Strategies

Our Works:

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