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Only You Salons

Updated: Feb 7

Experience our sanctuary of personalized services and refined elegance. From meticulous styling to tailored treatments, we elevate hair care to an art form, leaving clients pampered and empowered.

Case Study: 2

"Through our expertise in design and branding, we endeavored to deliver a comprehensive suite of assets that not only elevate Only You's brand presence but also resonate deeply with their clientele, embodying the ethos of minimalism and luxury".

Client Requirements:

For Only You, our client desired a brand that epitomizes minimalism and luxury in the realm of hair care. They sought designs that exude sophistication and exclusivity, aligning seamlessly with their target audience's discerning taste.

Our Objectives:

Our objective was to translate Only You's vision into a visual identity that captures the essence of minimalism and luxury. We aimed to create designs that evoke a sense of sophistication and exclusivity, reflecting the premium experience offered by the salon.


- Outdoor Advertising

- Visiting Cards

- Letterheads

- Website Design

Our Works:

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