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3 Easy Tips to Improve Social Media Engagement.

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Social media has become a symbolic gesture of a company and its ethics with each company looking to go viral for various reasons; whereas not getting abundant engagement is common.

Social media as a common source attracts 2.5hours per day per person; where attracting 4.2 billion likes overall. The stats might amuse but the expenditure of likes is a smart decision and attracting this towards your own content is no less than a marketing strategy.

Creators for a long have been looking to attract the target audience by wooing their needs but always apply a common approach when it comes to graphics. These types of approaches might fetch you 1k likes for once but from next time you might even fail to reach halfway down. The simple reason is no one likes simple, plain, and consistent plots. We can understand this by a very own example; if we are fed the same category of cuisine each day, then how long will we be interested in the same; not long until someone has a taste disorder. A point to be noted by every user here is that engagement should be consistent, a swinging number isn’t what you use for a business plan. This brings us to a very basic question-

How to improve this consistent engagement?

The companies and analysts out there have already feared you to know your audience, demographics, heavy pixel software requirements, and what not but social media is a simple psychological game where the one who cracks wins the luck. Here, we are mentioning 3 easy to use techniques to improve your social media engagement-

1. Positive bias and motivation- Everyone of us likes positive news, motivation, and approach. Someone who floods in happiness or positive information comes close to our heart earning an easy life; a share as well. Many companies out there are just looking to promote their products without knowing what might even appeal to human sentiments. Further, where this can be used is by making humorous posts, but aligning them with your domain as going out of context is a big No. This is the reason why a dog smiling in a video of 5 seconds gets about 1 million views but a heavy motion graphic requiring years of experience mightn’t even draw one thousand views. So, approach human sentiments and keep them close to you by using cheerful and interesting posts. Make your profile a hub for all.

2. Ethical Branding- Don’t force your brand and services in the feed. Your followers and potential audience haven’t come to social media to appreciate just your brand, they are here to spend their time; which you are using to drive your funnel, hence make sense to them. Most people and companies go wrong here; so how to make it worth it? Use designs and crossovers for your posts. This will not only help you gain a parallel like but even keep your audience engaged. Everyone wants to see bright colors and fancy posts, not any passé forms which they have stopped viewing. Branding with information, crossovers, and enticing designs is what will make your brand worthwhile here.

3. Giveaways, contests, and forms- These three are experimental pillars which when used correctly can help you gain consistent views and engagement. Here, making these giveaways attractive and worth is a must. Whereas contests and forms being based upon personal choices. Make sure to keep them subtle and allocate a fund for it. This should seem to be a win-win situation for all. Try using promotions and reach the consciousness of the target group by raising questions or faithful messages which bring them to you. Simple, yet effective but under strict observations.

These 3 tested tips on over 100’s of accounts are a measure of how one can easily bring upon engagement; consistent figures for their social media accounts. The things to be marked as important are; consistent content and analytics of how these have performed. A combination of 45-50-5 of these can help you reach your desired goals. If you like this blog do let’s know and stay updated with such easy tested hacks for your potential growth.

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