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Kiyas Natural


Company Description:
Kiyas Naturals is a skincare and cosmetics brand dedicated to promoting emotional wellness through thoughtfully crafted products. With a focus on minimalism and mindful living, we offer a sanctuary of tranquility in the beauty industry.

Client Requirements:
Our client, Kiyas Natural, sought to embody a minimalistic aesthetic while conveying emotional wellness through their skincare and cosmetics products. They envisioned a brand that not only catered to physical beauty but also promoted inner harmony and well-being.

Our Objective:
At The Storii, our objective was to translate Kiyas Natural vision into tangible designs that resonate with their audience. We aimed to create a cohesive brand identity that reflects the essence of emotional wellness while maintaining a minimalist approach.

By understanding our client's needs and leveraging our expertise in design and branding, we strived to deliver a comprehensive suite of assets that elevate Kiyas Natural' brand presence and communicate their commitment to emotional wellness.

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