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Brand Identity | Marketing Collaterals | Graphic Design


Company Description:
Fooking is a culinary powerhouse, offering a diverse range of food and beverages crafted with passion and innovation. From gourmet dishes to inventive cocktails, we redefine dining experiences with every bite and sip. Welcome to Fooking, where culinary excellence meets creativity.

Client Requirements:
Fooking, a food and beverage company, sought a brand identity that reflects its commitment to quality, innovation, and culinary excellence. They envisioned a logo and visual assets that capture the essence of their brand while conveying a sense of freshness and creativity.

Our Objectives:
our aim was to create a brand identity for Fooking that celebrates its passion for food and beverages. We focused on designing a logo and branding collateral that resonate with their target audience and communicate their dedication to delivering exceptional culinary experiences.

By immersing ourselves in Fooking's culinary world and understanding their commitment to quality and innovation, we aimed to deliver a comprehensive suite of assets that elevates their brand image and inspires customers to explore new culinary horizons.

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