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Chutney Labs

Company Description:
The Chutney Labs delivers authentic South Indian flavors with our fresh Peanut, Tomato, and Coconut chutneys, perfect for traditional meals in Hyderabad. Experience the taste of tradition with us.

Client Requirements:
The Chutney Labs, specializing in fresh Peanut, Tomato, and Coconut Chutneys, sought a brand identity that embodies their commitment to quality and authenticity. They envisioned a logo and visual assets that capture the essence of their artisanal chutneys while conveying a sense of tradition and flavor.

Our Objectives:
our goal was to create a brand identity for The Chutney Labs that celebrates the richness of South Indian flavors and the art of chutney making. We focused on designing a logo and branding collateral that evoke a sense of freshness and authenticity, inviting customers to experience the true essence of South Indian cuisine.

By immersing ourselves in the culinary heritage of South India and understanding The Chutney Labs' dedication to delivering high-quality chutneys, we aimed to create a comprehensive suite of assets that elevates their brand image and entices customers to savor the flavors of South India.

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